Album review: Beady Eye, BE (Beady Eye)


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Though marginally better than its predecessor, BE can in no sense be considered a progression, despite the swirling of sitars and strings that characterises tracks such as the seven-minute “Don't Brother Me”.

That song title alone indicates how mired Liam Gallagher still is in the same fraternal issues, a static situation reflected in his band's journeyman rock, which sounds in places like an uninspired Kasabian doing an Oasis impression (the lolloping raunch of “I'm Just Saying”; the faux-anthemic “Second Bite Of The Apple”). The chugging, horn-laden fanfare of “Flick Of The Finger” promises much, but it's a promise too frequently misplaced as the band fails to stir anticipation. It's okay, I suppose, but where's the spark?

Download: Flick Of The Finger; Don't Brother Me; Shine A Light