Album review: Juana Molina, Wed 21 (Crammed Discs)


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With Wed 21, Argentine singer/actress Juana Molina delivers the most satisfying realisation of her Latin-tinged folktronica style. Opener “Eras” sets the tone, its woozy pulse and cymbal shimmer joined by a guitar part which seems to regard the rest of the melody askance. “Wed 21” is an infectious groove, Molina's gentle Spanish vocal hovering warmly. , “Ferocisimo” offers a sort of Tropicália psych-rock, while “Lo Decidi Yo” finds delicate guitar lines profitably sabotaged by electronic buzzes and rolling drums. Fascinating, enjoyable and original.

Download: Eras; Wed 21; Ferocisimo; Sin Guia, No; Ay, No Se Ofendan