Album review: Keith Jarrett, No End (ECM)


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He never took drugs, Jarrett writes in the sleeve notes to this double CD of previously unreleased private studio recordings from 1986, but otherwise happily participated in the Haight-Ashbury summer of love, whose melody lingers on.

This may explain why his guitar playing (yes, guitar: and bass, drums and recorder, all overdubbed on two Tandberg cassette decks), sounds so much like Jerry Garcia, and the long, often aimless-seeming Eastern jams like the Grateful Dead on a duff night. But mostly No End sounds like pretty much anyone noodling about in their shed. There are good bits, like the opening to CD2, but it’s a long haul. A parallel release: Concerts: Bregenz, Munchen, from 1981 reasserts the Jarrett we know.