Album review: King Creosote, That Might Well Be It, Darling (Domino)


Initially released in 2010 as a series of EPs only available at King Creosote live shows, That Might Well Be It, Darling is being given a limited release for Record Store Day. As such, it's more than welcome: it may well be Kenny Anderson's best album.

I'm still not clear about the lurking source of guilt behind “What Exactly Have You Done?”, but set to such a jaunty polka, who cares? Likewise with the fizzy synth and interlocking rhythm guitars disguising his discomfiture about events “On the Night of the Bonfire”, and the stream-of-consciousness rockabilly of “Single Cheep”. The 11-minute “Ankle Shackles” builds up a particularly potent brew of throbbing guitar, violin and piano, haunted by whining wineglass drones.

Download: Ankle Shackles; Single Cheep; Doubles Underneath; What Exactly Have You Done?