Album review: Pinkunoizu, The Drop (Full Time Hobby)


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The shadow of Seventies Krautrock looms large over Danish psych-rockers Pinkunoizu, judging by The Drop, their splendidly kosmische second album. Opener "The Great Pacific Garbage Patch" hooks one in with a chugging Neu!-beat motorik, then "Necromancer" wields simple beats and bleepy synth lines, in the manner of early Kraftwerk, before shifting gear to a Hawkwind-esque groove. Most tracks employ a similar pulsing quality, with variations: the angular guitar shards prickling "Pyromancer", the choral mellotron bringing blissful flotation to "Down in the Liverpool Stream", and most dynamic of all, the surf-guitar riff that drives "Tin Can Valley".

Download: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch; Necromancer; Tin Can Valley; Down in the Liverpool Stream