Album review: Rainer and Das Combo, Barefoot Rock with... Rainer and Das Combo (Fire)


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Though his life was cut tragically short before he could reap the rewards of his pioneering work, Rainer Ptacek embodied all that was/is best about the Americana movement. Gently dedicated to his chosen instrument – the resophonic steel guitar – he drew from its history without being bound by it.

Repackaged with a second disc of unreleased material, this 1985 debut, the first of a complete reissue programme of his undervalued oeuvre, includes covers of blues songs by Robert Johnson and JB Lenoir, but they're far from slavish copies, driven instead by a churning garage-rockabilly pulse that recalls the Sixties R'n'B heyday.

Download: That's How Things Get Done; Sleepwalk; Around and Around; If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day