Album review: The Beatles, On Air: Live at the BBC Vol 2 (Universal)


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Yep, there’s more. Thirty-seven more, plus jaunty (and frequently irritating) interpolations from Alan Freeman, Brian Matthew et al, proving, if nothing else, that the Fab Four worked their knobbly behinds off in 1963-64 with the purpose of ingratiating themselves with a breathless nation.

The music? It is of course exciting, youthful, dazzling in its energy and simplicity and, in the case of such delicacies as “This Boy”, rippling with the potential they’d later fulfil.

What stands out? That Lennon was a great rock singer, even at a time when BBC engineers wouldn’t know one if it landed on their heads. And McCartney wasn’t bad either. However, you may feel, given the track listing, that you have been this way before…