Album review: The Carducci Quartet, Gordon Jones, Raskatov: Monk's Music (Louth Contemporary Music Society)


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Unlike The Hilliard Ensemble's recent Prayers and Praise, in Monk's Music the vocal and instrumental elements of Alexander Raskatov's music are separated, with Hilliard bassman Gordon Jones intoning seven texts by the Russian monk/saint Starets Silouan as introductions to the instrumental evocations. It imposes a suitably pious atmosphere for the Carducci Quartet's arrangements to exist within. The seven sections reflect the emotions of the texts: yearning in "Adagio", where the pulsing cello ostinatos underpin wispy arabesques; then pained and imploring in "Adagio affetuoso", before achieving the soothing peace of "Adagio molto".

Download: Adagio; Adagio recitando; Adagio affetuoso; Adagio molto