Album review: The Child Of Lov, The Child Of Lov (Double Six)


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The Child Of Lov is Cole Williams, a reclusive bedroom soundscaper flushed into the open courtesy of this debut album, which marries disjointed beats with hoarse, high soul vocals.

The results resemble what D'Angelo might sound like assailed by the cluttered loop constructs of Animal Collective: occasionally misshapen, and emotionally fraught, but acquiring a more sleekly sculpted grace on several tracks. “Fly” blends itchy funk with multi-tracked vocals in wailing gospel mode, and the rolling momentum of “Go with the Wind” is rudely slashed by a burst of serrated guitar. Elsewhere, the deep, burring organ of “Warrior” peels away at the song's end to reveal Williams's stacked vocal overdubs. Oddly appealing overall, when not tending too much toward the twisted.

Download: Fly; Go with the Wind; Give Me