Album review: Various Artists, Inside Llewyn Davis (Nonesuch)


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This soundtrack to the Coen Brothers' tribute to the Greenwich Village 1960s folk scene offers a commendable account of the era's troubadour repertoire – and the bonus of Justin Timberlake and Marcus Mumford among the collaborators on an a cappella take on “The Auld Triangle”, perhaps the best thing here save for Bob Dylan's unreleased “Farewell”. Elsewhere, Timberlake contributes “Please Mr Kennedy” and Mumford adds harmonies to “Fare Thee Well”, sung by the film's star Oscar Isaac. Produced by the Coens with T Bone Burnett, the album captures well the sanctimony, bogus bucolicism and beatnik romanticism that characterised the age, along with that tang of “revolution in the air” (to quote its most successful adherent).

Download: Farewell; The Auld Triangle; Green Green Rocky Road