Album review: Various Artists, Son of Rogue’s Gallery (Anti-)


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This follow-up to the original 2006 Rogue's Gallery sea-shanty compilation is slightly less salty but just as broad-ranging musically.

Apart from Iggy Pop's stern delivery of "Asshole Rules the Navy", maritime sexual proclivities are kept discreetly under wraps, in favour of more outré interests – Shilpa Ray's investigation of equal-opportunity piracy in the company of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis on "Pirate Jenny", Dr John's tragic account "In Lure of the Tropics" and Todd Rundgren bringing autotune and FX to bear on "Rolling Down to Old Maui". But the most interesting take blends Gavin Friday's dark baritone with Shannon McNally's fluting melisma on "Tom's Gone to Hilo".

Download: Tom's Gone to Hilo; Pirate Jenny; Ship in Distress; General Taylor