Album review: Various Artists, The Bling Ring (Def Jam)


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For Sofia Coppola's true-life film of youthful LA blaggers, Brian Reitzell has assembled a soundtrack mostly featuring bad-boy rap and what Americans call EDM (electronic dance music).

So there's dead-voiced gangsta brags like Rick Ross and Lil Wayne's “9 Piece”, a couple of slightly anachronistic Kanye cuts from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, a soupçon of Deadmau5, and then right in the middle of all this attitude and angular beats, the rolling drum barrage of Can's “Halleluwah”, a masterstroke of unexpected sequencing. It's one of the more oddly appropriate pieces here, along with M.I.A.'s self-explanatory “Bad Girls” and Frank Ocean's sleek “Super Rich Kids”, which could have been custom-built for the purpose.

Download: Power; Halleluwah; Super Rich Kids; Bad Girls