Album: Roedelius, Lustwandel (Bureau B)

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Lustwandel, originally recorded in 1979, is a lost classic of Krautrock that prefigures the more stately direction of semi-synthesised chamber music that the former Cluster member's work was to take in subsequent decades.

Save for the out-of-character "Wilkommen" (a neo-medieval tattoo of drum and droning shawm), it's a series of quiet piano pieces – post-Chopin/Debussy in manner – captured against a backdrop of ethereal synth textures, cello figures and occasional minimal percussion. "Lustwandel" itself establishes the elegant tone, with "Betrachtung" exhibiting a Satie-esque melodic quirkiness, while "Draussen Vorbei" reflects the influence of the producer Peter Baumann, formerly of Tangerine Dream, in its delicate manipulation of looping synth arpeggios.

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