Album: Sam Sparro, Sam Sparro (Island)

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Sam Sparro, an auteur of DIY electrofunk is, much to everyone's surprise, the man of the moment, with "Black & Gold" – the unexpected hit of 2008 – being held off the No 1 spot by Estelle.

The Doctor-Who-meets-Gnarls-Barkley existential soul of the single aside, there's plenty on his debut album to suggest that this man's moment may last a lot longer. His vocal idiosyncrasies may be off-putting at first (the word "why" is a full-fat "waaah"), but after the Prince-like "Hot Mess" and the hands-in-the-air electro-disco of "Cut Me Loose", you soon surrender. And the use of the word "discombobulated" in "Cottonmouth" has to be applauded.

Pick of the Album: Discombobulate yourself: 'Cottonmouth'

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