Album: Santigold, Master of My Make-Believe (Atlantic)


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"You can be the widget in my turbo!" offers Santigold on "Go!", the staccato, punchy groove that opens the long-awaited follow-up to her dynamic 2008 debut.

Its darting groove is typical of her style, which at times resembles MIA with less commitment to musical fracture, especially on "Look at These Hoes", whose mirror-gazing chorus advises, "Look at these clothes! Look at this dough! Look at this gold! I'm Santigold!" – like the album as a whole, it's liberally spattered with sonic exclamation marks. She stretches out with laidback grooves such as "Disparate Youth", but the best tracks are the twitchy "This Isn't Our Parade" and the irresistible "The Riot's Gone", the latter built on Burundi-style beats similar to those once employed by Adam and the Ants.

DOWNLOAD THIS Go!; The Riot's Gone; This Isn't Our Parade; Look at These Hoes