Album: Santogold, Santogold (Lizard King/Atlantic)

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As an A&R person who became an artist in her own right, Santi White is rock's equivalent of poacher-turned-gamekeeper – though it's hard to believe any of her former charges' work for Epic could have as explosive and dynamic a character as her own debut album.

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Diplo, Freq Nasty, Spank Rock and Switch, Santogold's music provides a bridge between indie-pop and cutting-edge dance modes, veering from the Pixies-esque guitar-pop of "Lights Out" to startling electronic mash-ups such as "Unstoppable" and "Anne".

In particular, tracks like the singles "Creator" and "L.E.S. Artistes" affirm her own creativity, the latter featuring her claim to be "an introverted excavator" – though if this is Santogold in introvert mode, who knows what kind of noise she might make when she becomes more extrovert?

Pick of the album:'I'm a Lady', 'L.E.S. Artistes', 'Say Aha', 'Creator', 'Lights Out'