Album: Seu Jorge, America Brasil (Discos Como No)

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Seu Jorge first made his name as an actor, playing Knockout Ned in City of God.

But it was only when he took on the role of Pelé dos Santos in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou that his musical side became more apparent, even David Bowie himself admiring Jorge's samba-fied acoustic renditions of his back catalogue. Since then Jorge has built up a large worldwide following through live shows and albums like Cru.

With America Brasil, he extends that internationalism by addressing his country's relationship with the US – though not in any critical sense. Instead, he welcomes American interest in Brazil's oil deposits as the key to eradicating poverty: as he says, "There will be more jobs, improved infrastructure if America stops making wars and starts investing."

Infectious and engaging, these tracks offer a similar transcontinental bridge, fusing northern funk and blues with native samba and bossa nova rhythms, mostly built around nimble ukulele riffs, with jazz violin and blues harmonica given prominence in the arrangements.

Pick of the album:'América Do Norte', 'Samba Rock', 'Mariana', 'Mina Do Condomìnio'