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The Corner of Miles and Gil, SOUR MASH
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The Shack brothers, Mick and John Head, have ransacked the dressing-up box of rock history pretty thoroughly in the past, but never with as much assurance and idiosyncratic charm as here. And not just the jazz giants (Davis and Evans, of the title), whose classic "All Blues" theme (from Kind of Blue) is the basis of "Butterfly". As usual, psychedelic influences predominate, but the album is stuffed with memorable tracks whose haunting presence isn't entirely down to their resemblance to such as Joy Division (the eerie "Find a Place"), The Byrds (the raga-rock of "Black & White"), or King Crimson (the tricksy jazz-rock riffing of "Funny Things"). Rather, the lingering moods are reflective more of the band's own star-crossed personality, in which the tragedy of the missing children "Finn, Sophie, Bobby & Lance" is tempered by the whimsical plaint of the protagonist in "Cup of Tea" whose new lodger seems to be spiking his brew with LSD. Most intriguing is the opening "Tie Me Down", in which bondage restraint techniques are discussed with a sweet matter-of-factness that brings out the need for trust in being trussed.

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