Album: Shostakovich

Piano Quintet – Rachlin/Jansen/Bashmet/Maisky/Golan (Onyx)
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Even the starriest of ad hoc ensembles are prey to dishevelment, and the first movement of this live-from-Vienna recording of Shostakovich's 'Piano Quintet in G minor' has pianist Itamar Golan producing a harsh sound while Julian Rachlin, Janine Jansen, Yuri Bashmet and Mischa Maisky compete for the widest vibrato. A beautifully restrained opening to the Fugue gives way to more lurid wobble, before the performance settles in the Intermezzo. Sweet-toned readings of the 'Five Pieces for Two Violins and Piano' and the 'C minor Piano Trio' compensate, but I suspect you had to be there to enjoy this concert.

Download this: The Intermezzo of the Piano Quintet in G minor