Album: Sia

Some People Have Real Problems (Monkey Puzzle)
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'Some People Have Real Problems' is the fourth solo album from Sia Furler, the Aussie singer best known to British audiences for her work with down-tempo dullards Zero 7, and it's easily her best. Sadly, this isn't because she's had an epiphany, a eureka moment, a breakthrough. It's because she's had a listen to the biggest selling, or at least biggest-haired, British female artist of the moment, and decided "anything Amy can do, I can do slightly worse". On the very first track, the country-tinged "Little Black Sandals", Furler sings the line "He was a line between pleasure and pain" with a serious degree of Winehousing (we'll start using that as a verb, shall we?); and a line on the second track, the unpromisingly named "Lentil", the Winehousing is so extreme that I couldn't possibly transcribe it for you without a lyrics booklet. Furler has even roped in Amy's producer, Jimmy Hogarth, to get the requisite swelling strings and classic chord changes. The results are mildly appealing in four-minute doses, but grating over a full-length album. Nevertheless, Some People... is gonna sell like crazy until the beehived one releases another record, when it will be promptly forgotten.

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