Album: Smoove + Turrelle, Eccentric Audio (Jalapeno)

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Confined until now to an audience of hardcore funkateers, north-eastern soul duo Smoove + Turrell deserve to break into the mainstream with this follow-up to their 2009 debut Antique Soul.

That description still applies to their general approach on Eccentric Audio, but producer Smoove's blending of funk, soul, disco and house elements is more timeless here, while John Turrell's vocals bring a beguiling flavour of Stevie Winwood and Chris Farlowe to hard-times numbers like "Money" and "I Need a Change". Opener "Higher" has a drive and exuberance akin to Cee Lo Green, while "In Deep" is like the missing link between "Funky Nassau" and CTI jazz-funk slickness; and "Slow Down" is typical of the whole album in its winning mix of ebullient acid-jazz groove and mahogany-toned vocals.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Higher; Slow Down; In Deep; Hard Work; Broke