Album: Stevie Nicks, In Your Dreams (Warner)

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The caprine warble of solo Steve Nicks has broken its silence after 10 years to explore the idea that nothing lasts forever, especially in affairs of the heart.

In her comeback single, "Secret Love" – originally written for the Rumours sessions in 1976 – Nicks touchingly pleads "I'm not asking for forever from you/ I just want to be held for a while". It's a theme she returns to again and again here. There are also typically romantic references to maidens, Camelot and kingdoms by the sea, and the supernatural looms large. The one bum note is "Cheaper Than Free", a slightly naff, lachrymose pedal-steel duet with producer Dave Stewart. Which is a shame, because Stewart's unfussy, country-flavoured production is the perfect backing for Stevie to do what she does best, namely bleat like a goat in heat.