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Suicide Sports Club - the name is intended to signify not depression, but a desire to push envelopes - are the duo of DJ/catalyst Luke Brancaccio and musician/ producer Bruce Aisher, who have previously been associated with Faithless founder Rollo's Cheeky label. As that might suggest, they deal in a widescreen form of stylish club music not too far removed from Faithless's brand of stadium house: big, muscular grooves allied to panoramic synthesiser pads, with a succession of guest singers and rappers providing the vocal focus. Saffron from Republica does actually deal with depression in "My Black Dog", observing how "My black dog on my shoulder, he keeps talking louder" as descending grunge chords batter home the chorus, while elsewhere Lanni muses on the problem of trying to pick up a boy on a bus first thing in the morning ("Hey! Fever") and Duke and Suspect from The Dead Rabbits add a sinister presence to the striding bass-heavy funk of "I Don't Know". Best of all is the opener "Looks Like a Star", which so effectively combines a catchy whistled hook with piano and strands of synthesiser tinsel that it's surely only a matter of time before it appears as a movie theme.

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