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When a mutual friend introduced Mr L to Little G, it was thought they might make interesting music together. In the event, music only followed in the wake of a deeper relationship, as the duo began creating idiosyncratic little pieces out of basic instruments and found sounds, a few of which found their way on to releases through labels like Earsugar and Twisted Nerve. A couple of years on, and Team LG are no more; the pair have separated, leaving just this collection of quirky remnants as reminders of their musical liaison. Reading between the lines, it's possible to track their drift apart in tracks such as "Little Anne" and "Big Man", songs of creeping disaffection set to combinations of piano, violin, glockenspiel and percussion. "I sang some songs to an old friend, she said they were okay/ It was her shoulder I cried on when you went away," L sings on the former, while G observes on the latter that "You're only looking after me/ And that's not how it's supposed to be/ I wish I cared". But there's an engaging blend of innocence and musical intrigue about their work that rescues it from the merely biographical, especially when the drones and motifs are arranged with an understated tropicalismo spirit, as on "On Fire".

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