Album: Teenage Fanclub, Shadows (PeMa)

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Their seemingly innate modesty may be Teenage Fanclub's most dangerous indulgence.

While most bands' websites trumpet the meagrest of achievements in forests of exclamation marks, for instance, the Fannies' is so diffidently matter-of-fact it's embarrassing, as if they wouldn't want to impose upon you. Similarly, this latest collection has a quiet, undemonstrative beauty that will please fans but probably not win them new ones, despite the charm of songs like "Into the City", which recalls Gene Clark in the way it seems to glisten from within, and "The Past", in which banjo and electric guitar arpeggios intertwine elegantly over organ. Best of the lot is "Baby Lee", which allies their Byrds influence to a winningly logical melodicism that's "simply heart-warming: "Love me baby, take my possessions and go".

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