Album: Texas Tornados Esta Bueno!, Bismeaux/Proper (PPP)

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The original Texas Tornados were the Tex-Mex outfit led by the late Doug Sahm.

It's a wonderful, warm-hearted set, full of downhome humour, unashamed sentimentality and rowdy goodtime riffs ranging from the Texan polka "In Heaven There Is No Beer" ("...that's why we drink it here") to Bobby Charles's wistful waltz "Tennessee Blues". "Velma From Selma" and the chugging rocker "Who's To Blame Senorita?"are typical of the uptempo material, and of the genre's brazen attitude to rhyming, while "They Don't Make 'Em Like I Like" is barked out with a staccato brio befitting the semi-satirical intent of lines like "They don't like to cook, they'd rather read a book". The title-track offers a cautionary tale about the effects of over-indulging in jalapeño peppers, a scatological trifle aimed squarely below the belt.

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