Album: The Antlers, Burst Apart (Transgressive)

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With the striking falsetto of Peter Silberman dominating their songs, The Antlers may be America's equivalent of Wild Beasts.

There's a similar determination to expose raw-nerve emotions through understated indie arrangements, and although death doesn't loom as large here as on their earlier Hospice, it still lurks at the edges of songs like "Parentheses" and particularly "Putting the Dog to Sleep", with its recurrent (but presumably bogus) reassurance "Trust me to take you home". Elsewhere, the mood of tracks like "No Widows", with its funereal organ and fallen-chorister falsetto, and "Hounds", with its keening descent over a swirl of keyboard tones, is unmistakably haunting, and as desolate as might be expected from a band clearly in thrall to Radiohead.

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