Album: The Bottletop Band, Dream Service (Bottletop Band)

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A supergroup/collective organised by producer Mario Caldato Jr in support of the Bottletop charity promoting educational and commercial initiatives in the third world, The Bottletop Band here offer a series of Anglo-Brazilian crossovers fronted by the likes of VV Brown, Gruff Rhys and Tim Burgess.

Brown's "Voices" is a standout, its light Tropicalismo groove supporting her request that we question our mental health: "Can't you see that your computer is doom/And the sun no longer goes round the moon?". But did it ever? Elsewhere, Burgess's "Be Together" forms a sort of baggy samba dub, while Sam Sparro's "End Is The Beginning" delivers a powerful Fifth Dimension-style paean to the cyclical nature of things. Dream Service forms a surprisingly coherent set, given the diverse talents involved.

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