Album: The Fall, Your Future Our Clutter (Domino)

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It's not quite the surly triumph we might have expected after the doggedly shambling twin successes of Reformation Post TLC and Imperial Wax Solvent, but Your Future Our Clutter still contains enough juggernaut grooves and impermeable metaphors to satisfy the discerning Fall fan.

The remaining parts of the single "Bury" showcase the group's stubborn side, with the muffled cassette-demo version (Part 1) soon muscled aside by Part 2's more compelling riff of waspish synth and declamatory guitar hook. Elsewhere, the lumbering Fall-beat of "Hot Cake" has the gritty texture of Latino garage-punk, while the galloping rhythm of "Cowboy George" recalls Love's "7 + 7 Is", if it were full of incomprehensible muttering and a reference to Chicory Tip. A typical Fall album, in other words.

Download this: Bury Pts 1 + 3; Mexico Wax Solvent; Y.F.O.C./Slippy Floo