Album: The Lionheart Brothers

Dizzy Kiss (Racing Junior)
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Thanks to the pioneering work of Motorpsycho, and, more recently, the bands 120 Days and Serena-Maneesh, Norway has developed a thriving psychedelic rock scene. The latest exponents are The Lionheart Brothers, whose debut album finally gets UK distribution some nine months after its Norwegian release. The single "Hero Anthem" exemplifies their style, with blissed-out vocal harmonies, hustling drums, garage-punk organ and a triumphant guitar hook, all whipped into a dreamy swirl of psychedelic pop, with echoes of The Beatles, Beach Boys, Os Mutantes, Mercury Rev and Flaming Lips. Occasionally, it slips into full-blown homage, most notably in "Blue Wedding", a clear attempt to emulate the Smile-era Beach Boys' blend of simplicity and sophistication; but there's a real air of innocence about to be deflowered by experience that renders tracks such as "To Make You Love Me" and "Down at My Place" fully the equals of their influences.

Download this: 'Hero Anthem', 'To Make You Love Me', 'Down at My Place', 'Bring It Down'