Album: The Necks, Mindset (ReR)

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Mindset is short by Necks standards – just two tracks of 22 minutes each – but it is typically involving.

It may not have the soothing, immensely satisfying manner of their classic Drive By, but the trio have found other ways to chase their muse. "Rum Jungle" rides several overlapping pulses simultaneously, producing a strange, hesitant momentum. Its low-end piano rumblings are dark and tempestuous, the overall effect one of being lost in a forest, frantically seeking egress in ever-thickening undergrowth, as layers of percussion are joined by shuddering waves of organ. "Daylights" opens with a trickle of bright, resonant piano, stubbed bass notes and clicky, rattling flurries of small percussion, like insects. By its conclusion, we're back in the forest, albeit with shafts of sunlight guiding our way.