Album: The Proclaimers, Like Comedy (Cooking Vinyl)


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Few bands have the reliably populist touch of The Proclaimers, so it's no surprise to learn there's a musical in the works based on their catalogue.

Like Comedy features their ebullient charm in large dollops, particularly on "Whatever You've Got", which has the rolling, singalong appeal of previous Proclaimers hits. There's also a droll commentary on manhood, "Women and Wine"; a valedictory tribute more celebratory than sad, "After You're Gone"; a lesson in surmounting self-destruction, "Like Comedy"; and in "Spinning Around in the Air", the year's most outrageous lyrical gambit, rhyming "a worse traitor than William Joyce" with "Sam Cooke's voice". Ouch!

Download: Whatever You've Got; Spinning Around in the Air