Album: The Real Tuesday Weld, Songs for the Last Werewolf (Crammed Discs)


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An audio soundtrack for Glen Duncan's novel The Last Werewolf, this offers plenty of scope for songwriter Stephen Coates to indulge his love of period musical combinations.

The fulcrum on which the conceit pivots is that of murderous love, the werewolf's terrible fate, with the Puppini Sisters, Pinkie Maclure and Piney Gir drafted in to present the victims' side as sympathetically as possible, while Coates himself inhabits the predatory character with a suitably lupine loucheness, howling Tom Waits-style through the bluesharp stomp of "Wolfman", affecting ironic gentility over the palm-court stylings of "(I Always Kill) the Things I Love", and cheerfully unapologetic in the jazzy "Tear Us Apart": "It's something animal in me/ An alien that needs to see/ the human bleed".

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