Album: The Rolling Stones, Some Girls Deluxe Edition (Universal)

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Enthused by the contemporary influences of punk and disco, the Stones' 1978 offering Some Girls was easily their best since Exile on Main Street, spawning such hits as "Miss You", "Beast of Burden" and "Respectable".

And as the extra dozen outtakes confirm, there was plenty to spare, from the rollicking R&B of "So Young" and Chicago blues of "When You're Gone" to the frowsy country style of "No Spare Parts" and the Hank Williams cover "You Win Again", with Ronnie Wood's lachrymose pedal steel curling around the songs. The opener "Claudine" is a Jerry Lee Lewis-style rockabilly rave-up, in which Jagger doggedly breaches PC protocol with his advice to keep the safety catch on when pistol-whipping one's wife. It all adds up to probably the best Stones album since... well, since Some Girls, actually.

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