Album: The Script, #3 (Phonogenic)


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It remains to be seen whether Danny O'Donoghue's stint as The Other One on The Voice will broaden The Script's appeal or antagonise their core Anglo-Irish fanbase; but their fortune surely lies across the Atlantic, their blend of rap and anthemic arena-rock with uplifting sentiments sounding tailor-made for US tastes.

O'Donoghue's transatlantic inflections on "Good Ol' Days" seem to confirm this, as does the laboured self-betterment chant on "Hall Of Fame". This is an example of what The Script does best: taking a familiar cliché and riding it in a different direction, whether it's the "Broken Arrow" somehow "shooting across the sky", or using "Six Degrees Of Separation" to quantify arbitrary stages of the amorphous emotional morass of heartbreak. 

Download: Good Ol' Days; Broken Arrow