Album: The Welcome Wagon Precious Remedies Against Satan's Devices Asthmatic Kitty bbb


Presbyterian pastor Vito Aiuto and his wife Monique's second outing as The Welcome Wagon opens strongly, but ultimately falls prey to the pitfalls of modern country gospelling.

The infectious "I'm Not Fine" is a fine vehicle for the couple's counterpoint harmonies, aired over a piano-driven pulse punctuated with bursts of piercing guitar; and "My God, My God, Pts 1 & 2" is a suitably epic arrangement of piano, horns and chorale. But thereafter, they develop a touch of the trendy vicars, the tone vacillating unhappily between plodding and sententious ("The Strife Is O'er" and Samuel Medley's "I Know That My Redeemer Lives") and irritatingly happy-clappy ("Rice and Beans (But No Beans)" and "God Be with You Til We Meet Again"). 

Download: My God, My God, Pts 1 & 2; I'm Not Fine; My Best Days