Album: Tim Buckley, Tim Buckley (Elektra/Rhino)

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The sleevenote to Tim Buckley's debut album fancifully described him as "a kind of quintessence of nouvelle" – a ludicrously high expectation to place on a 19-year-old's shoulders, but one that Buckley was to fulfill time and again, changing his approach radically from album to album, taking in folk-rock, art-rock, folk-jazz, avant-garde jazz, erotic funk and AOR soul.

As the bonus disc included here of early demos and scrappy recordings by his high-school band The Bohemians shows, by his debut Buckley had already begun this process, shifting in a few months from garage-rock whelp to distinctive folkie troubadour, a metamorphosis aided by Jack Nitszche's string arrangements, Van Dyke Parks's baroque'n'roll keyboards and Lee Underwood's limpid lead guitar.

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