Album: Todd Snider, Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables (Aimless)


Too few Americana/new-folk revivalists are continuing the noble tradition of dissent, a shortfall that makes Todd Snider's witty, acerbic low-life stories all the more valuable.

In this latest collection, he brings his acid eye to bear on such matters as homicidal kids in "Precious Little Miracles" and fiscal venality in "New York Banker". Best of all is the opener "In the Beginning", a sardonic account of how inequality begat jealousy, and how religion stepped in to keep the peace. "Ain't it a bitch," he marvels, "to think we still need religion to keep the poor from killing the rich?". Set to a messy blend of waspish blues guitar and wild fiddle, it's a typically barbed, angry set in which the lone happy love song "Brenda" concerns Todd's enduring pleasure in the way that Mick & Keef have stayed together for so long.

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