Album: Todd Snider, Live: The Storyteller (Aimless)

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Some aspects of the music business can't just be magicked up via the interweb.

Todd Snider has the kind of audience rapport that comes only through years of one-night stands and the confidence that builds in one's character – even if that character is of an inveterate ne'er-do-well peacenik, wryly proud of his inability to grow old gracefully. It also helps that he's a great polemical songwriter blessed with the gift of making issues entertaining, whether it's the wage-slave blues of "Stuck On The Corner", the establishment's penchant for folk-devil dis-tractions, roundly skewered in "Tension" and "Ballad of the Kingsmen", or the midlife crises of "Rose City" and "Greencastle Blues", which find him asking: "How do you know when it's too late to learn?".

DOWNLOAD THIS Is this Thing Working?; KK Rider Story; Rose City; Ballad of the Kingsmen