Album: Tony Kofi Quartet, The Silent Truth (Specific)

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What's a jazz album for? Is it an address to the listener or a musician's latest calling card? Saxophonist Tony Kofi is a terrific player (on alto, not soprano) but this amiable-enough set of boppish originals lacks any sense of essential purpose.

The first three tunes are pretty; the band – with that outstanding drummer Winston Clifford – swings (although Jonathan Gee's piano sounds indifferently recorded), and Kofi wails soulfully. But what you'd be more than happy to hear in a club fails to convince as a home-leisure product, especially when you can buy Eric Dolphy's 'Out to Lunch' for £3.99.

Pick of the Album: Jon Gee's 'Cicada': a chirpy chirrup of a tune