Album: Trumpets of Death, Teeth + Teeth = Teeths (Tin Angel)

On the intriguing Teeth + Teeth = Teeths, Leeds combo Trumpets Of Death investigate a niche, but potentially fruitful area where traditional folk music rubs up against avant-noise, post-rock textures.

It's a surprisingly congruent marriage, perhaps because both forms operate at a fundamental level, free of irony. The sea shanty "The Press Gang" is typical: a creeping, crawling undertow of improvised sound – clarinet, bells, percussion, yawning string drones – beneath Ben Wetherill's otherworldly tenor, a tale of cruelty rendered in a suitably nightmarish soundscape. The murder ballad "Cruel Ships Captain" is a turbulentavant-rock cacophony, while elsewhere "The Paper Plough" shifts from a trudge of reeds, drums and organ, malevolent as a golem on the march, to a strangely joyous gypsy polka. Weirdly fascinating.

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