Album: Tunng, This Is Tunng... Live from the BBC (Full Time Hobby) (3/5)


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Collating Tunng's various radio sessions for shows helmed by such as Rob Da Bank, Lauren Laverne and Marc Riley, This Is Tunng... presents their nu-folk-rock at something close to optimum, in performances which sparkle with spontaneity.

What's impressive is the consistency of approach and execution: although the incorporation of found-sound bricolage is more subtly effected on later sessions, their basic blend of arpeggiating guitar, accordion, glockenspiel and pulsing percussion is as perfectly balanced on earlier recordings like "Beautiful and Light" as on later pieces. But that basic blend expands to accommodate all manner of musical flavours, from the mantra-like chants of "The Pioneers" to the desert-blues shuffle of their collaboration with Tinariwen, "Tamatant Tilay".

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