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Breaking and Entering: Music from the Film, V2
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There's a rash of rock bands scoring films just now. The new Mercury Rev album and Mogwai's music for Zidane are joined by Underworld's soundtrack to Anthony Minghella's Breaking and Entering, in collaboration with the director's usual accomplice Gabriel Yared. Unlike previous Minghella films such as The English Patient, there's no period setting determining the musical approach; the contemporary London-based drama requires a more modern score that should steer clear of musical fashion. The results are reasonably successful, with Karl Hyde, Rick Smith and Yared's mostly keyboard-based pieces boasting a sleek, evocative tone that's suitably timeless. Subtle pulses lend a mildly minimalist manner to "Monkey Two" and "St Pancras", while the keyboard tones of "A Thing Happens" glow with a revelatory, expectant mood. Several tracks recall the sonic sketches of Eno's Music For Films, with a similar air of suspension casting a melancholy, crepuscular shadow over proceedings.

DOWNLOAD THIS: 111 'Not Talking', 'St Pancras', 'Sad Amira', 'Primrose Hill'