Album: Underworld Barking, (Cooking Vinyl)

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After the search for new directions on A Hundred Days Off and Oblivion With Bells, Underworld confine experimentation on Barking mostly to dancefloor electronica, by collaborating with like-minded operators in techno, drum'n'bass and dubstep.

The most successful is with former Deep Dish member Dubfire on the gorgeous "Bird 1": the bass synth twang, bass drum pulse and hi-hat hiss develop as layers of organ and smudges of synth are added to Karl Hyde's free-associating murmur. It is the band's best piece in years. "Scribble" has fast electro arpeggios, "Diamond Jigsaw" is Neu!-style pastoral electronica, and "Always Loved A Film" furnishes Balearic-euphoric bliss. "Louisiana" closes matters with Hyde celebrating a love's touch as "planets in sweet collision, quietly violent".

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