Album: Underworld, Frankenstein: Music from the Play (

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Underworld's music for Danny Boyle's Frankenstein sounds like Throbbing Gristle doing the soundtrack to The Wicker Man – a fog of industrial noise punctuated by flamenco guitar flourishes and bursts of communal folk-singing.

The 17-minute "Overture" looms out of the murk, an evocative mix of ambient noise, droning synth textures and tolling bells through which snatches of other tracks are barely discernible. Individual tracks then deal with specific issues – "Creature Banished and Cottagers Burn", "Hide And Seek, Body In A Boat" – as required, the duo negotiating the various dynamic shifts and mood changes skillfully enough to pull off the difficult move from hissing, dripping and scraping noises to fiddly-diddly folk in "Industrial Revolution".

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