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Colours Are Brighter, ROUGH TRADE
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Charming and chucklesome, this charity album of songs for children is curated by Belle and Sebastian, whose "The Monkeys Are Breaking Out the Zoo" is indicative of the participants' whimsical invention, with plenty of animal impressions for the kids to join in with. Most tracks have an amiable simplicity and singalong quality that never patronises their intended audience. Very small children should enjoy Four Tet and Princess Watermelon's cartoon chant "Go Go Ninja Dinosaur", while Snow Patrol's "I Am an Astronaut" updates Ricky Wilde's Seventies paean to the imagination. Food features in several songs, from AA Milne's nonsense rhyme "Cottleston Pie", one of three Pooh pieces arranged by The Divine Comedy, and Kathryn Williams's lullaby "Night Baking", to Franz Ferdinand's "Jackie Jackson", an entertainingly silly song about a boy who eats so many cakes he explodes. It's bettered only by Half Man Half Biscuit's "David Wainwright's Feet", a delightfully grisly playground chant about foot ailments.

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