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Jonny Greenwood Is the Controller, TROJAN/SANCTUARY
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To celebrate the reggae label's 40th anniversary, a handful of celebrity musicians have been commissioned to compile a selection of their favourite Trojan tracks. First up is Jonny Greenwood, whose compilation leans heavily on Seventies rock-steady vocal grooves, toasts and dub mixes, the best of which is probably Lee Perry's "Black Panta", a striking dub whose twitching skank carries a woodwind riff and the intriguing exhortation, "Callin' the meek and humble/Welcome to blackboard jungle". Despite the efforts of such as Scientist & Jammy, Scotty, and particularly Johnny Clarke, whose "A Ruffer Version" goes heavy on the gunshots and distorted siren effects, its closest challenger here comes when Perry teams up with Junior Byles for "Dreader Locks". Byles also does a neat, insinuating version of Peggy Lee's "Fever", while Marcia Griffiths' trans-gender Impressions cover "Gypsy Man" boasts an exquisite acoustic guitar solo. It's not as definitive an account of the era as UB40's forthcoming Under the Influence compilation, but enjoyable enough for all that.

DOWNLOAD THIS: 'Black Panta', 'Dreader Locks', 'Gypsy Man', 'A Ruffer Version'