Album: Various artists

Exit Music: Songs with Radio Heads, BBE/RAPSTER
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It's not quite a case of no alarms and no surprises on this album of cover versions of Radiohead songs, but there's hardly what you'd call a preponderance of shocking reinterpretations.

Given the band's own jazz leanings on their last few albums, it's entirely predictable that most of the contributors to Exit Music should adopt the same option, with Mark Ronson adding flatulent horns to "Just" and The Randy Watson Experience treating "Morning Bell" to the fluttering vibrato of electric piano and jazz drumming. Both are spoilt by drab R&B vocals, unlike Pete Kuzma's "High and Dry", where the soulful style is simply an extension of the original's tone.

Best of the jazz covers is The Bad Plus's "Karma Police", which develops from restrained beginnings to something more frenetic. Elsewhere, Osunlade & Erro's "Everything In Its Right Place" is marked by lots of funky Afro-Latin percussion, Matthew Herbert & Mara Carlyle's "(Nice Dream)" sounds like a Steve Reich vocal piece accompanied by wheezing iron-lung accordion, and a conjunction of sinister male and inveigling female vocals lends a peculiar tension to Sa-Ra's "In Limbo".

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