Album: Various Artists, I'm Here – A Soundtrack To A Short Film By Spike Jonze (Chocolate Industries)

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I'm Here is Spike Jonze's little film about a robot's romantic infatuation, so it's fitting that this soundtrack should pivot so gracefully on the point where synthesiser machine-music meets the more poignant strains of lovelorn lo-fi American indie-rock.

Gui Boratto's "Beautiful Life" features minimalist, pulsing electropop hymning "a digital life, a digital world", while Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs contributes a couple of lo-fi anthems: "The Lost Trees", "There Are Many Of Us" and a version of Of Montreal's "The Past Is A Grotesque Animal". Elsewhere, Girls' "Hellhole Rat Race Girls" evokes the sad astringency of unrequited love, its closest robotic equivalent being the melancholic tones of Sam Spiegel's "Lonesome Robot Theme".

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