Album: Various Artists: Night Music: Voice in the Leaves (Louth Contemporary Music Society)


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Named after a piece by the Uzbek composer Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky, Night Music: Voice in the Leaves explores music from the former Soviet Asian republics, played with dexterity and sensitivity by performers including the theremin virtuoso Lydia Kavina, who excels on Iraida Yusupova's "Kitezh-19", in which her eerily plaintive keening is allied to a tape of varispeeded chimes and plucked strings.

Elsewhere, Yanov-Yanovsky's two pieces explore different times of day: the sombre choral setting of Robert Lax's poem "Morning" is invaded by flurries of woodwind, vibes and low strings; while the title track weaves a web of crepuscular mystery from sparse string tones, tiny chimes, and trickles of piano and flute.

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